The 10th of October 2010 was deemed to be very lucky! So much it seemed that The Registrar’s opened their doors on a Sunday! Many couples chose this day to be their Special day and were married last weekend. There were a reported 3,000 weddings on the 10th in the UK, 65,000 in the US and millions all over the world as a whole. I am in Las Vegas and I saw my first Bride and Groom at 8:40 in the hotel Lobby after their wedding! They were not the first of the day – in the Bellagio their Wedding Chapels were all fully booked all day. We lost count of the happy couples we saw on that day alone.

When we went out of the Hotel and drove down The Strip the Brides were everywhere! Some in traditional Bridal gowns complete with all the trimmings, veil, tiara flowers and bridesmaids. Others a simpler white dress, but all excited and looking very happy.

I visited several wedding chapels on the Strip and a couple of drive throughs! The limos were queuing to get in! I saw three Brides having photos taken in a small courtyard at the same time, how the Guests managed not to be in all the pictures is a small miracle!

Another couple made their vows on the pavement outside, in front of the Bellagio fountains – very pretty but I’m surprised that they could hear each other over the noise of the music and water cannons!

All in all they had a wonderful day – and after all that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?